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Anna Kemr

Tuesday, 08 September 2020 08:09

What we Can Learn from Cactus.

What we Can Learn from Cactus

Some cacti may bloom after a few years, while others might take up to 35 years before they have their first bloom “ 


If there is one plant that elicits mixed emotions from people, it is the cactus plant. The cactus is a desert plant with prickly spines, no broad leaves like some other plants and can survive for a very long period of time with very little water.


You could compare the physical traits of the cactus plant to that of a human being. In other words, the cactus is like us as humans, who can be a really complex species.


But, there are real life lessons that we all can learn from this plant. Lessons that would help guide us through our daily activities and serve as a reminder whenever we drift from our personal, professional and career paths.


You can't please Everyone!


They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and this rings the true with the cactus plant. While it is granted that the cactus may appear unattractive to many people, it is equally seen as beautiful to others. This is the same with each and every one of us. You may seem attractive to some people and unattractive to others, this is just a fact of life. You really cannot please everyone but yourself and like the cactus which seems comfortable in its own skin, you should too. It only depends which point of view you adapt. 


Patience is a Reward in Itself!


As mentioned earlier, the cactus plant is known to survive for months and even years without a visible source of water. Cactus is capable of preserving precious water and moisture because of this trait. It means that a cactus is very patient.


We all should be patient as well. We should trust in our innate abilities, put in the hard work and discipline and wait for the inevitable rewards that are sure to come. Being patient and keep the discipline may be hard to some people, but it is needed. Self – discipline will get you in the meaningful goals.

Calm Temperament


We all touch different plants daily and never even give a thought to it. Imagine if roses and dandelions could talk, maybe they would say - "put me down!".


These plants offer little or no resistance (except for the occasional prick from the roses thorns). But a cactus plant is different, a cactus plant cannot be touched in the same way as many other plants. 


If you touch a cactus, you will literally feel it. However, the cactus still maintains a seemingly calm posture despite being prickly to touch. It is this temperament that we all should adopt. We all should stay calm, even in the heat of adversity. 

By keeping calm, you will be able to make the right decisions. Breathing might be a good way to learn how to come down.


Lessons Learnt!


Cacti are prickly to touch and once you have been stunned by the spines, chances are you would be very reluctant to touch the plant in future. The lesson here is that the cactus can be painful to touch and by not touching it in the same way as you did when you got stunned, you have learnt a valuable lesson. 


Also, in life, you should learn from your mistakes and see those as a part of your personal growth.



Since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been forced to completely alter their lives. Public institutions and private businesses had to adapt to look for alternative ways of achieving their respective work and business goals. In this age, the internet has been pivotal to this change and plays greater role in how people get things done on day to day basis and from their homes.

People working remotely attend to their day job without having to physically commute to a workplace. Remote working relies on the use of online communication tools that help people to transact business deals without having to meet in person. 

With no obvious solution insight to the coronavirus pandemic, it is becoming more necessary for everyone to make changes to the way they live, work and even study.


Remote Work Opportunities 


Work Flexibility

For starters, remote work offers people a higher level of work flexibility. 

Parents are now able to make out time for their children, something that was only possible over the weekend not too long ago. Now there is a better balance between work and family time more than ever before.

Work Efficiency

It would surprise a lot of people to learn that remote work has enhanced the efficiency of work in a number of industries. 

In the educational sector for example, the use of online video communication tools like Zoom by schools to tutor students during this lockdown period has proved to be really effective. 

The teacher and student relationship has been seen to improve while parents are also able to better monitor the academic progress of their kids and wards. 


Remote Work Recruitment Opportunities

Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, many businesses have suffered from the effects of the worldwide lockdown. 


The downturn in the economy has had an adverse effect on several industries, such as; the aviation, tourism, and manufacturing sectors. 

However, despite this grim scenario, there are other industries that are currently thriving. 

The IT and communication industry has never had it better with many more people relying on the internet to get things done.

The online freelance industry is another sector that has recorded increased recruitment of freelancers on a part- or full-time basis by employers. 

There has been an upsurge in the recruitment of web designers, graphic designers, content writers and so on, ever since the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Online stores have also benefited from the lockdown with people around the world placing orders for virtually anything. 

From everyday groceries to electronics, online stores have been able to tap into the current situation to meet the immediate requirements of people by making home deliveries when needed.

With a rising demand for home deliveries, these online stores have also been able to engage in large scale recruitment of delivery people who would help in ensuring that provisions are delivered to the homes of those that ordered for them. 


"As the world adjusts to the effects of the coronavirus, the one thing that is certain, is that remote work is here to stay."


Advancements in communication and virtual interaction technology are bound to improve with time leading to the availability of more effective remote work tools for virtually every industry.

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Executive Interview

  Power Draw Consulting recently interviewed Mr. Radoslaw Mazur, Sales Director of Fit Ivest International Sp. z o.o. 

 In the interview, Radoslaw shed more light on his professional background. He also offered a glimpse into his personal life while hinting at those that inspired him to become as well-respected leader.  He also offered a word of advice on team building, communication and leadership to the next generation of business professionals. 


To get started, please could you tell us a little about your background? 

My professional background is a very diverse one. Over the years, I have worked in 5 different business sectors. And these include; Tourism, Software (Saas), Fringe benefits, Furniture and Health & Fitness in B2B and B2C markets. In the last place I worked, I was responsible for Sales and Marketing strategy in Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Slovakia. It was my primary responsibility to build new teams, set up ecommerce sales and digital marketing. 


What would be your advice to someone aspiring to be where you are now? 

First of all, you have to ask yourself where you would like to be in your professional life? And what gives you satisfaction? If you know this answer then you have to set up steps on how you can get there. It looks of course very simple and easy, but it is not and requires a lot of determination. You also have to be patient and constantly developing your skills, as the world is changing at a fast rate. Last but not least, you have to have a bit of luck. 


Looking back through your established career, what would you identify as a personal highlight? 

I am really proud that I was able to build well motivated and engaged teams. I always had an open and trustful communication in all my teams. This created a conducive environment where different views and opinions could be freely shared. This way of cooperation brought about better employee satisfaction and engagement. And at the end of the day, it led to an even better all-round performance by the companies that I worked for. 


What are your personal motivators? 

As a sportsman, I would say I was born to compete. Competition gives me a lot of satisfaction and the power to go further. I love to work with people. I like sharing my experience, providing guidance and developing people to reach their goals. I also like a dynamic environment where I can experiment, try new solutions and ways of doing business. 


Can you identify how your organization stands out from the market and your competitors? 

We keenly listen to all our customers. We are also very interested in hearing their experience with us. That is why we launched our online sales which was a huge success. People want to be able to choose how they can buy products and services. They want to use new technology for communication so…we are there. 


 What advice would you give to future aspiring leaders and why? 

To be a leader you have to build trust within your team. Without trust, your team will not be as efficient as they could and should be. The goals of your business should come first at all times and teamwork is key to the success of your business. 


Who is the most inspiring person in business for you and why? 

There are many people that inspire me. Some of these people have written wonderful books and articles that I have read. So it is difficult for me to pick one at the moment. However, I really like Seth Godin, Simon Sinek, Philip Kotler and Marshall Goldsmith. I also admire my wife and children who give me a lot of inspiration in my both my professional and private life. 


This was a revealing interview that provided an insight into the keys to career success from the point of view of the Sales Director. 

As highlighted by the Sales Director, focus, patience and determination are essential to any success story. While trust and effective communication plays a vital role in the success of every business. 

Finally, the role of mentors cannot be overemphasized, as even great leaders like the Sales Director had to draw inspiration from others. 





Wednesday, 23 October 2019 19:52

Management: Extroverts vs. Introverts

Topic: Management: Extroverts vs. Introverts




There is often a debate on which personality type (extrovert or introvert) would be ideal for management positions in a typical company.

Depending on who you ask, people generally have mixed opinions regarding this topic.

There are people who believe extroverts make good managers while there are others who would hastily point out that introverts make great managers.

The truth of the matter is, there is no way of knowing if being an extrovert or an introvert makes a person ideally suited for a shot at management.

However, there are certain traits exhibited by both personalities that are ideal for management.

This article looks at some of the character traits exhibited by both personalities and how they could help them become pretty good managers.

Extroverts are Social Animals!


Extroverts are known to be outgoing, bubbly and fun people. They are seen as the life of an occasion if you like.

They have very good social skills and are not shy in making new friends. They have an infectious personality that can inspire and drive teams.

These traits are all great to have and from experience, we are drawn to hiring individuals with this sort of personality, especially in the field of marketing and sales.

The character traits of extroverts as mentioned above are really great strengths if you want to lead a team towards a common goal.

People are drawn to extroverts like ants to sugar and this can help when you want to effectively communicate your corporate objectives.


Sentiment is a weakness in Management


Extroverts also tend to have a few weaknesses. One of such weaknesses is in being too emotionally attached. In business there are always going to be periods when hard decisions have to be taken by managers (that's their job after all).

When a manager is too sentimentally attached to say co-workers and he/she has to lay them off for example or take decisions that would adversely affect them. Such an extroverted manager may go with his/her heart rather than their head.

This is a weakness in management and not necessarily a moral weakness. But still in business, success is often measured by fine margins. Morality takes the back burner while ethics prevail.


Introverts are silent Achievers


Introverts may not appear to be lively and outspoken characters, especially in the workplace. But this does not mean that they do not have leadership strengths. Introverts are known to be great listeners. This is a skill-set that all great managers have.

From the outside people tend to believe that great leaders must have charisma and charm. While this is a valid point, it is not always the case. Leaders and captains of industry like Bill Gates are not your typical extroverted characters, they are reserved, but still very effective managers.

While introverts may be perceived as “boring” by some people, they do have strengths that cannot be ignored. Introverts tend to be critical thinkers and analytical.

They seem to observe others from a distance and often notice things quicker and better than extroverts. A drop in the performance of a sales team member for example, may be overlooked by extroverts, but not an introvert.

Introverts tend to separate business from pleasure better than extroverts. This may make them appear cold and detached, but it actually helps in ensuring that performance levels and standards do not drop off.

An introvert would take decisions that are in the best interest of their company. And this also applies to extroverts. But in the case of introverts, sentiment plays little or no part in their decision taking. This is a great trait to have if you are to succeed in management.


In Conclusion;


At Power Draw Consulting, we believe that everyone has core strengths as well as weaknesses. What is important is for those strengths to be amplified while the weaknesses are acknowledged, but subdued.

When hiring people to fill management positions at different companies, we have noticed that the best managers are not necessarily determined by whether they are extroverts or introverts.

What we at Power Draw Consulting have found out, is that everyone has unique strengths which stand them out as prime candidates for middle to top management positions. What matters above all is how these strengths can be harnessed for the betterment of the hiring company.

Indeed, everyone also has weaknesses and unlike their strengths, these drawbacks would have to be limited and controlled so that they are not detrimental to the goals of the business.


Note: You too can get to know what your peculiar management strengths are. Visit today to find out.



When Hiring Middle Managers - The PDC Experience! 


If you are a medium or large corporation with different levels of management, then without a doubt, you must have or should be interested in hiring middle management staff.  

As an owner of a business or as a top-level executive, you are typically saddled with the responsibility of formulating your company's vision and strategically setting the course of action aimed at achieving your proposed vision. 

“However, no matter how fabulous your vision statement may be, you would require the right people to help you actualize it. Depending on the size of your organization, you will need one or more competent middle management staff to help implement your business vision. “ 


It is middle management that ensures that the managers at your organization’s lower management level like the shift managers and assistant managers, are well coordinated towards the goals of your organization. Therefore, if your organization is going to be a successful and thriving one, the type of employees you hire to fill vacant middle managerial positions like project managers, unit managers and heads of departments, matter a great deal.  


“Power Draw Consulting is an executive search recruitment agency that is firmly focused on providing clients with a talent pool of highly experienced, professional, diligent, efficient and well-trained candidates to fill their vacant mid-level management slots.” 


Why Trust Us? 

Invaluable Experience  

Over the years we have garnered a lot of experience in the recruitment of middle management staff for a large number of corporate clients.  

We know how hard it is to get the “right” candidate to fill your mid-level management positions. One that will not only understand your corporate vision, but will also transmit this vision effectively to the lower level management to ensure that they get the job done in accordance with your set goals and objectives.  

We bring all our experience to bare to ensure that every candidate we propose will meet all your set criteria for employment. 

We cover a variety of Fields  

As part of our immeasurable executive search experience, we have helped clients from different fields of endeavor in providing qualified candidates to fill their vacant middle management slots. It really does not matter what your purpose of business may be, you can be sure that we have a network of qualified candidates that would be ideally suited to filling that middle management position(s) in your establishment.  

We at Power Draw Consulting have and are currently servicing clients from the pharmaceutical industry, oil and gas industry, banking, construction, manufacturing, food and beverage industry, to mention a few. We cover virtually every industry type that requires executive search recruitment and our talent pool is ever expanding to include new, emerging industries. 

PDC Understands The Dynamics of Middle Management 

It must be said that from our experience, middle management positions can be pretty difficult to fill. This is partly because many qualified candidates often view such positions as “high risk” vacant slots. It is the general belief amongst many candidates that employees of these positions usually suffer the brunt of executives in the unfortunate event of organizational downsizing or the laying off of hapless employees.  Also, many would-be candidates see middle management positions as “dead ends”. The common notion amongst these candidates is that there would NOT be opportunities for them to rise to a top management level regardless of the number of man-hours, dedication and impressive performances that they churn out. These negative impressions often lead to a dearth in exceptional talents vying for mid-level management positions. This then leaves the middle management positions open to mediocre or just above average talent which may not be ideal for your establishment.  


Your organization would require top talents for such sensitive positions and fortunately, PDC has been able to establish a pool of exceptionally gifted candidates that are ready when called upon to occupy any vacant mid-level management position in your company.  

At PDC, we walk the talk and we are able to maintain an excellent rapport with all our prospective candidates to know what their reservations about any vacant job maybe including middle management. Armed with this understanding of what qualified candidates for middle management positions require from prospective employers, we are able to work better with our clients to ensure that their vacant positions are made attractive enough to lure the best possible candidates for the job(s). 

Topic: Why Your Company Needs An External Headhunter?


Every organization is built on the merits of a clear and unambiguous mission statement. However, no organization will thrive without an experienced, skilled, efficient and well-coordinated workforce behind it. A workforce that fully understands the vision of the organization and is competent enough to deliver on its objectives.


While this may seem like stating the obvious, the question of - what is the best way to recruit the “right” employees come to mind. You might have an excellent recruitment policy and a vibrant human resources department, but is that really enough if you are keen on hiring the “best” hands for the job? In today's world, the hiring of independent professionals to get a job done is the order of the day.


This is especially true if you are desirous of achieving the best possible results in an efficient and speedy manner. Therefore, delegating the responsibility of hiring staff to tried and tested independent recruiting firms, may just be what you need to ensure that your organization is able to recruit individuals that will be best suited to meeting your business goals.


This then begs the question of why your company needs an external headhunter and this article highlights five key reasons why it may be best to handover your recruitment drive to an independent recruiter.


#1: A Wider Talent Pool


External headhunters that know their stuff usually have a wider pool of talent wherever they may be around the world. This comes from the profiling of talented individuals out there and the creation of recruitment data banks that are frequently updated. External headhunters are also usually in touch with talented individuals and are quick to know when such persons are available for employment.


When you partake in the hiring of staff through the use of an internal recruitment team, you may limit your search and miss out on the opportunity of hiring better qualified hands in the process. In other words, external recruiters are able to attract the most professional and competent talent that are out there.


#2: Focus On Other Things


Unless you are an independent recruitment firm and therefore recruiting people for other organizations is really your forte, it may be best to focus on the bread and butter of your business.


Social media outlets like LinkedIn may have provided a means by which companies can search for possible employees, but rather than spend time headhunting, why not spend your valuable time on making money.


There is already enough stress involved in meeting your bottom-line, so why not spend your time and effort there, rather than on recruiting staff. External headhunters can help relieve you of the burden of hiring the right personnel while you focus on other pressing matters.


#3: Save More Money, You Will Need It!


You might think that deploying an external headhunter to help you recruit staff is expensive, but in truth it is inexpensive in the long-run. As mentioned before, you really should not be spending precious time looking for employees when you have many more responsibilities on your plate.


Human resources are not just responsible for hiring staff, but they are also responsible for the welfare of already hired staff. This in itself is tasking enough. It would be better utilizing your limited resources elsewhere and in more productive activities instead of searching for new workers.


External headhunters can help to relieve your organization of the burden of hiring new staff while saving you time and of course money in the process. Imagine the number of telephone calls for example, that your organization would have made to prospective employees and the costs involved.


By delegating the responsibility of recruitment to an independent headhunter, you do not have to worry about incurring miscellaneous and avoidable expenses which could have an adverse impact on your bottom line.

#4: Quicker, Dependable And Reliable Deliverables


All external recruiters do for a living, is the hiring of competent staff for organizations. With this in mind, you can be sure that you would be able to hire the best possible candidate for a vacant position in your organization in the quickest possible time when you deploy an independent recruiter.


External headhunters have various vibrant networks they use in sourcing for talent. They screen these prospects in accordance to your company's values and ensure that whoever is recruited fits the bill. In addition, you do not have to worry about whether the recruitment process was fair or not, as there is usually no sentiment attached with regards to recruitment by independent headhunters. So you are sure of avoiding nepotism, racial, gender and every other prejudice that your organization does not stand for when you hire external recruiters.


#5: It Doesn't End With Hiring


These days it's not enough to hire employees, but also to ensure that they stay employed by living up to their initial promise. External headhunters also chart a course for the monitoring of all hired hands to ensure that your goals are met at all times.


It is possible for external recruiters to keep tabs on the performance levels of your hired hands in a much better way than very few human resources departments can manage. They do this in an unsentimental way to ensure that the worker's performance levels are up to scratch in your organization.


This keeps hired staff on their toes at all times, knowing that if they do not live up to the expectations of your organization, they may be replaced. External headhunters create performance data files on each hired worker based on their job description/deliverables, key competences, expectations and performance. This is then communicated to your organization and helps you in knowing how well the employee is fairing within your business. 


Indeed, external headhunters play a key role in not just hiring competent staff for your business, but also ensuring that they meet your goals and objectives. You might say that external recruiters act as an active partner in the success of your business. They ensure that your organization thrives. Know that workers can either make or mar the short and long-term success of every business enterprise if the wrong individuals are recruited.

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Dennodenně se střetáváme s klientmi ze středního a top manažmentu, ke kterým kariérně vzhlížíme.
Rozhodli jsme se, neponechat si tyto inspirující lidi jen v Power Draw Consulting, ale inspirovat Vás tím, čím se inspirují oni.  


Tuesday, 22 January 2019 16:41

Aby člověk zůstal člověkem

Naše společnost Power Draw, mimo poskytování HR služeb, pořádá i  golfové turnaje nazvané Swing Golf Tour. Těmito aktivitami podporujeme mimo jiné i nadaci Leontínka. A dostalo se nám velké pocty navštívit první benefiční koncert v roce 2019, právě pro Leontínku.

I received the question bellow last week from one of my Linkedin connection, so I thought it would be helpful to share it more widely.