When Hiring Middle Managers - The PDC Experience!

When Hiring Middle Managers - The PDC Experience!

When Hiring Middle Managers - The PDC Experience! 


If you are a medium or large corporation with different levels of management, then without a doubt, you must have or should be interested in hiring middle management staff.  

As an owner of a business or as a top-level executive, you are typically saddled with the responsibility of formulating your company's vision and strategically setting the course of action aimed at achieving your proposed vision. 

“However, no matter how fabulous your vision statement may be, you would require the right people to help you actualize it. Depending on the size of your organization, you will need one or more competent middle management staff to help implement your business vision. “ 


It is middle management that ensures that the managers at your organization’s lower management level like the shift managers and assistant managers, are well coordinated towards the goals of your organization. Therefore, if your organization is going to be a successful and thriving one, the type of employees you hire to fill vacant middle managerial positions like project managers, unit managers and heads of departments, matter a great deal.  


“Power Draw Consulting is an executive search recruitment agency that is firmly focused on providing clients with a talent pool of highly experienced, professional, diligent, efficient and well-trained candidates to fill their vacant mid-level management slots.” 


Why Trust Us? 

Invaluable Experience  

Over the years we have garnered a lot of experience in the recruitment of middle management staff for a large number of corporate clients.  

We know how hard it is to get the “right” candidate to fill your mid-level management positions. One that will not only understand your corporate vision, but will also transmit this vision effectively to the lower level management to ensure that they get the job done in accordance with your set goals and objectives.  

We bring all our experience to bare to ensure that every candidate we propose will meet all your set criteria for employment. 

We cover a variety of Fields  

As part of our immeasurable executive search experience, we have helped clients from different fields of endeavor in providing qualified candidates to fill their vacant middle management slots. It really does not matter what your purpose of business may be, you can be sure that we have a network of qualified candidates that would be ideally suited to filling that middle management position(s) in your establishment.  

We at Power Draw Consulting have and are currently servicing clients from the pharmaceutical industry, oil and gas industry, banking, construction, manufacturing, food and beverage industry, to mention a few. We cover virtually every industry type that requires executive search recruitment and our talent pool is ever expanding to include new, emerging industries. 

PDC Understands The Dynamics of Middle Management 

It must be said that from our experience, middle management positions can be pretty difficult to fill. This is partly because many qualified candidates often view such positions as “high risk” vacant slots. It is the general belief amongst many candidates that employees of these positions usually suffer the brunt of executives in the unfortunate event of organizational downsizing or the laying off of hapless employees.  Also, many would-be candidates see middle management positions as “dead ends”. The common notion amongst these candidates is that there would NOT be opportunities for them to rise to a top management level regardless of the number of man-hours, dedication and impressive performances that they churn out. These negative impressions often lead to a dearth in exceptional talents vying for mid-level management positions. This then leaves the middle management positions open to mediocre or just above average talent which may not be ideal for your establishment.  


Your organization would require top talents for such sensitive positions and fortunately, PDC has been able to establish a pool of exceptionally gifted candidates that are ready when called upon to occupy any vacant mid-level management position in your company.  

At PDC, we walk the talk and we are able to maintain an excellent rapport with all our prospective candidates to know what their reservations about any vacant job maybe including middle management. Armed with this understanding of what qualified candidates for middle management positions require from prospective employers, we are able to work better with our clients to ensure that their vacant positions are made attractive enough to lure the best possible candidates for the job(s). 

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