What we Can Learn from Cactus.

What we Can Learn from Cactus.

What we Can Learn from Cactus

Some cacti may bloom after a few years, while others might take up to 35 years before they have their first bloom “ 


If there is one plant that elicits mixed emotions from people, it is the cactus plant. The cactus is a desert plant with prickly spines, no broad leaves like some other plants and can survive for a very long period of time with very little water.


You could compare the physical traits of the cactus plant to that of a human being. In other words, the cactus is like us as humans, who can be a really complex species.


But, there are real life lessons that we all can learn from this plant. Lessons that would help guide us through our daily activities and serve as a reminder whenever we drift from our personal, professional and career paths.


You can't please Everyone!


They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and this rings the true with the cactus plant. While it is granted that the cactus may appear unattractive to many people, it is equally seen as beautiful to others. This is the same with each and every one of us. You may seem attractive to some people and unattractive to others, this is just a fact of life. You really cannot please everyone but yourself and like the cactus which seems comfortable in its own skin, you should too. It only depends which point of view you adapt. 


Patience is a Reward in Itself!


As mentioned earlier, the cactus plant is known to survive for months and even years without a visible source of water. Cactus is capable of preserving precious water and moisture because of this trait. It means that a cactus is very patient.


We all should be patient as well. We should trust in our innate abilities, put in the hard work and discipline and wait for the inevitable rewards that are sure to come. Being patient and keep the discipline may be hard to some people, but it is needed. Self – discipline will get you in the meaningful goals.

Calm Temperament


We all touch different plants daily and never even give a thought to it. Imagine if roses and dandelions could talk, maybe they would say - "put me down!".


These plants offer little or no resistance (except for the occasional prick from the roses thorns). But a cactus plant is different, a cactus plant cannot be touched in the same way as many other plants. 


If you touch a cactus, you will literally feel it. However, the cactus still maintains a seemingly calm posture despite being prickly to touch. It is this temperament that we all should adopt. We all should stay calm, even in the heat of adversity. 

By keeping calm, you will be able to make the right decisions. Breathing might be a good way to learn how to come down.


Lessons Learnt!


Cacti are prickly to touch and once you have been stunned by the spines, chances are you would be very reluctant to touch the plant in future. The lesson here is that the cactus can be painful to touch and by not touching it in the same way as you did when you got stunned, you have learnt a valuable lesson. 


Also, in life, you should learn from your mistakes and see those as a part of your personal growth.