What you get from a career coach.

What you get from a career coach.


The importance of career coach cannot be overemphasized.


As you are on the verge of making that crucial career decision that can either lead to success or failure, here is a summary of what you stand to gain from eliciting the assistance of a career coach expert.


Everybody is born to fulfill a specific purpose in life. It is this purpose that defines each and every one of us. But not everyone has found their life's calling and not knowing who you are and what you should do, can be really frustrating. This is even more so as we all get older in life and begin to reflect on our life so far. 

By knowing your purpose in life, you immediately receive the energy, drive, enthusiasm and desire required to be successful.


Many people in their 20s,30s,40s - well educated and with some work experiences feel desire to make a positive impact on the world, but they are not sure how to do it at present situation. They can try to discover on their own for example by creating a vision board / map 
by using a help of website like Betty Vision.

Or they can ask their self the following Question: “What would you do if you never had to earn another euro? “
You can write down your answers and it might lead you to your dream job.
“Bear in mind that  our talent is purposely created not just for us, but to help those around us.”

An expample :  
A Czech actress Eva Holubova during the COVID 19 was working for free, preparing online talks shows to keep in touch with people. She even played for free online without audience “one woman show Hvězda
” We can for sure say that she has discovert her talents to make the difference in the world.

I wonder if Eva Holubova was influenced by her parents...

As many young people are often greatly influenced by their parents, immediate environment and peer pressure. Parents rightly want the best for their teenagers, but their intentions (as good as it may seem) may not be the right choice for their teenagers. 

This tool might help them to better understand of kid talents Clifton Strengths 34


Or you can decide to use service of career coach expert that will help to educate both parents and their children on what the best career choices may be. 


A career coach will leave no stone unturned in reviewing the current abilities and future potentials of the teenager. So that at the end of the day, the teenager would be provided with a set of career choices that he or she can pick from.

By cooperating with coach, you still have to decide on what career path you should thread, but this time you will have a better understanding of who you are and what you are capable of doing.



All the career coach will provide you with career options based on your present. This is not saying that a person cannot change or be better in the future. 

Albert Einstein the illustrious physicist was known to have learning disabilities as a child, but turned out to be one of the greatest minds in the 20th century. So, a career guidance expert will not tell you what you cannot do, but instead provide you with career options that they feel you would excel in.