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Power Draw Consulting is a leader in the world of professional recruitment consultancy. For more than 15 years, we have earned a reputation for consistently providing the best Headhunting, Coaching / Development, Market Mapping and Business Intelligence consulting solution services to all our clients from around the world. We are continuously improving our expertise and developing innovative, turnkey recruitment solutions that will meet the very high staffing demands of organizations in the 21st century.


In 2019, Power Draw Consulting became a partner to Start2Bric GROUP.


OUR MISSION: Power Draw Consulting Supports International Growth by Facilitating Recruitment and Employment Solutions on a global scale.


For enquiries, please call:

Mrs. Anna KEMR responsible for EU countries : +420 727 829 277 

Mr. Stefaan VANDEPUTTE responsible for BRIC : +32 477 60 21 95 



In more than 15 years, Power Draw Consulting has been able to establish a strategic international network comprising of a number of renowned recruitment agencies. Our partnership with these employment agencies cover BRIC countries, European countries and viable emerging markets. While every one of our partners are experts in the field of Human Resources (HR), they also have a lot of experience in other related business domains, such as; legal, accounting, market communication, training and so on. As part of our forte, we assist organizations in all aspects of their recruitment drive. These include recruitment, candidate(s) selection, contracting, employment and also the setup of staff payroll.



With a large network consisting of “local” Human Resources (HR) partners, we are able to provide your organization with cost-effective staffing solutions. This we achieve by adhering to the best local practices and obligations, while also fully respecting all international recruitment standards and ethics.



Permit us to take your team to the next level.



Recruitment / Headhunting


Our approach to recruitment consulting is a holistic one where people take center stage. During the recruitment process, we will offer our personal advice while providing you with recruitment solutions that are tailor-made to meet your specific and peculiar needs.

As recruitment professionals, we speak a common language. You can be sure that Power Draw Consulting understands your staffing requirements. We know where to locate the right candidate for any vacant position and we know how to successfully approach them. We drive satisfaction in knowing you have been thoroughly served and that you are a satisfied customer.

In addition, we also provide support services in the following areas;


-        Guidance on preparing a Job Description and Classification in the organizational structure.

-        Advice on salient topics, such as; Compensation, Assessment Methods and Contract Design with access to our own Contract Database.

-        Follow-ups following the signing of a Contract and Integration Coaching.


Our Market Mapping and Business Intelligence


-        Have you considered stepping into new Markets or Industries to know ‘Who is Who’ and to see what results have been achieved?

-        Do you wish to know more about your competition and the people who drive the seats or drive it from behind?

-        Do you want to know which particular results have been achieved by whom, how or why?

-        Do you need to know who are the top people you should be aware of, to hire now or in the future?

-        Are you interested in knowing what would motivate them to work for you and under which circumstances?


Power Draw Consulting will provide you with all the data you need to enable you make the right recruitment decisions.


We adapt our recruitment consultancy services to meet your requirements and draw up an individual service package that is exclusively designed for you.



Coaching / Development


“Success depends on people – and on development.”


Further training is always under discussion when more cognate skills are required in dealing with new situations, such as ...


-        when a company is changing and the team has to realign itself,

-        if a colleague assumes managerial responsibility for the first time,

-        where an executive is looking for an external sparring partner for difficult situations and

-        if a completely new staff training system is required and an innovative input is needed.


We offer a dynamic training network comprising of our own coaches as well as freelance coaches and trainers, who have worked successfully together for many years.

Our flexible network of coaches, trainers and designers are specialists in the area of Management, Communication and Change Management. Working in conjunction with your organization, they will draw up both academic and training concepts. They will also offer to conduct in-house workshops and seminars, including “train-the-trainer” as well as team and individual coaching. Other related recruitment consultancy services include; communication packages to promote events, training management, as well as evaluation and control.

You should know that we carry your organization along every step of the way. Ultimately, your organization gets to decide the scope of all our coaching / development activities at all times and this starts from conceptualization right up to the full-service package.


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